Doing The Things

Always follow your path.

So, it’s a rainy Saturday here in California and I’ve been doing some reading and thinking. I’m pretty much taking you all on this journey that I should’ve started months ago of getting my blog back up and going, of writing my first book, the hours and hours of editing, and research, and sending it to agents, all while preparing to be on tour with COLD and learning the million songs they have. I’m taking it one thing at a time, every single day. My making a list game is STRONG. And there’s something insanely satisfying about marking things off that list and realizing that today, I worked, even if just for an hour, on at least one thing to help me reach my goals.

I’ve been reading Think and Grow Rich this past week by Napoleon Hill. It’s perhaps one of THE best books to kick you in your ass so you can stop thinking about what you want and start taking action to actually GET there. And because I’m one of those girls who literally wants to do it ALL, it’s been a fanfuckingtastic read for me.

So, my message for you today. Follow your path. DO THE THINGS. Make BIG goals. Make insane, crazy goals if you have them and go for them unapologetically. Do something EVERY DAY to help get you there. By doing so, you’re showing the Universe that you can take it on. If you wanna to play music, pull out your instrument. If you wanna lose weight, figure out how your body works for you. I highly recommend The Metabolism Plan by Lyn Genet Recitas. If you wanna get strong, lift some weights. If you wanna be a better person, lift someone up today. Just don’t make excuses. You have to DO the things to get you where you wanna be.

So, here’s to a productive and fun Saturday. Let me know what your goals are and what you’re doing to reach them in the comments. Would love to hear what YOU’VE got going on.

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