Always Go With Your Passions

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This quote from Deepak Chopra is something I’ve lived by for years. I may not be as successful as some of my peers at this particular moment, in that, I currently don’t have my own home, (I’m literally room surfing, staying with my bandmate Scooter now, and staying with a friend for the summer until our tour), and I’ve been driving the same car for almost nine years and I’m not sure when the last time I went shopping for new clothes was… but none of that shit matters to me anymore. I’m no longer trying to compare myself to other people. I’m finally to a point where I’m just breathing and living everyday, DOING something everyday in every area of what I want to accomplish, and while I may not be exactly where I want to be for my end goal, I’m still getting prepared, I’m still giving it my all, and right now, my persistence is my best friend. And I will always follow my passions.

Yesterday was kind of a frustrating one. I got a couple of declines for my book, and while I say I didn’t let it get to me, I think maybe I kind of did, only because I’m KINDA sensitive (but I also have a good mix of “oh no they di’nt). Like, in my mind, I’m like, “Thank you Universe, this person or that person isn’t my person. Thank you for the no, thank you for preparing the PERFECT agent to take this project on, and we’re just that much closer to a yes.” **Goes to computer and sends book proposal to more agents.

But then I remind myself, regardless of the no’s I’m going to get, I’m not giving up. This is my first book. I did the entire thing on my own, along with the proposal. I’m so thankful to have some friends who have written books, give me feedback. Monday, I even had a major agent out of NYC call me, who represents one of my favorite authors. While he declined the project, he told me my shit was on point and to never give up. He told me I’m going to find the perfect agency to take it on. True feedback from the Universe, and I was like, “Thank you, I’m not going to give up.”

Super star Chris Pratt, of whom we all know has reached SUPERSTAR status with his role as Star Lord in James Gunn’s, Guardians of the Galaxy, was on Stephen Colbert last week, and he’s simply one of my favorite actors of all time…humble, grateful, true.. (his Instagram is packed full of a “don’t give up” attitude). And in yet another amazing interview, he and Colbert are talking about his audition for Superman, and how he really wanted it, but the casting director didn’t think he was the guy, so he says to Colbert, “It just goes to show, you know, that it’s all Divinely planned, so if it’s not working out in the moment, just have faith that it can, it might work out in the future. And the “no’s” that you get today might mean an even more powerful “yes” in the future.” Message. Stay rooted (or “grooted,”hehe). Stay grounded. Stay focused, and fuck what anyone else thinks.

To top all this off, Hugh MacLeod aka Gaping Void, one of my favorite authors and cartoonist, just posted this today: “I work very hard doing something I love to make sure I don’t have to work very hard doing something I hate.” Just follow your passions. And don’t EVER give up.


So, here’s an exercise I encourage you to do. Close your eyes and take a few minutes and picture your perfect day. What does that look like? Where does your income come from? What does your home or perfect vacation look like? Who are you with? What activities are you doing? What kind of car are you driving? What are you wearing? What are you drinking or eating? What does it FEEL like to be in your perfect day? Then stick to that feeling part. Now write it down.

When you write things down and actually get your feelings and dreams on paper, you get into the mindset of making those things happen. Start making solid plans. But the most important start of this, is imagining, feeling, and then writing shit down. This is the kind of shit that will begin to make you unfuckwithable. So, as you go about your day, remember the wise words of Deepak…

“Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.”











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