Getting High On Yourself


Okay, okay, this may sound narcissistic but it’s not, and I just did it. And I get high on myself everyday. I get a literal buzz in my body during my meditation practice, or anytime I look up at the beautiful mountains and gorgeous palm trees and quietly say “Thank you,” or anytime I turn a frustrating thought into a blessing thought. I am aware of the God-self within me, and I totally get high on it. So, let me explain.

I started incorporating a daily meditation practice into my life last year on a consistent basis. I had dabbled in the whole meditation thing years before, but never really stuck to it. Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have free 21 Day Meditations that happen once or twice a year, and while I would sign up for them, I never actually made it to the end, until this last time, because I was committed. My meditation practice has changed my entire life. I 1000% credit the creation of UNKCUFWITHABLE: A Guide to Inspired Badassery to this practice. I wake up every morning and do my whole water/coffee routine, and then I can’t wait to get down to business of sitting in silence with Divinity. It’s something I look forward to because of the way it makes me feel about EVERYTHING.

You see, in my last post, I spoke about energy. For me, meditation is the chance for me to get my energy aligned and right for the day ahead of me. It allows for me to operate my entire existence at a higher vibration. It gives me a buzz. I can physically feel this buzz and it’s incredible. It allows me to acknowledge that my life is bigger than me.

When you allow yourself to sit in silence and focus on your breath, the thing that gives you LIFE every day, heals your body, gives you energy, and calms your anxious mind, there is a peace that is like non other. For those of you who meditate, you get it. For those of you who don’t, I get it. So, here is a short excerpt from the Introduction of my book that I want to share with you on the importance of meditation and why it can change your life if you give it a go.


We just talked about prayer, so now let’s talk about meditation, which in my opinion are two very different things. I believe prayer is a time of expressing thanks and speaking to the Universe about real shit in your life, and meditation is when you shut the hell up. I believe this is the second most important thing that will help change your life. I can’t express enough the importance of this practice and the change you will see in your life once you open up to quietness and stillness. I am not a meditation expert. Quite frankly, I’ve only begun practicing on a regular basis in the past year.

My daily process of prayer, meditation, and writing, which we speak of next, are things I absolutely must do in order to feel complete now. The ideas that have come along with the love, joy, and peace that fill my heart and soul, there is nothing on this planet that can compare. Meditation has allowed me to be in control of my emotions no matter what is going on in my environment. It’s not about “ohms,” it’s not about getting weird. It’s not even about the amount of time, per se. What it IS, is a chance to quiet your mind and get you in touch with your soul, your true presence, which will then allow you to get in touch with your true passion and purpose for your journey which is here now.
A free, downloadable app that I’ve grown very fond of is called Insight Timer. I have it on my phone. It’s my jam when it comes to meditation. Sometimes I use the guided meditations, sometimes I do my own Japa meditation with music from Spotify. Sometimes I use my meditation practice to put all my dreams out into the quantum field. I FEEL it, as if I’m already there. Regardless of how I meditate, it is transformative each and every time.

I can’t express the importance of meditation in your personal journey to badassery and unfuckwithableness.  Meditation is quiet time with the energy of the Universe who helped us co-create who we are today, is a place where TRUE magic happens.
I’ve known many people who skip this step and those who do are off the mark. Yes, things can happen that are great, but I’m telling you from personal experience that crazy, unimaginable shit happens when you get in personal with the Energy that created you and surrounds you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer calls this “getting in the gap,” and has an incredible short book on Japa meditation. I highly recommend it. Another huge assistance in my journey at the beginning of my meditation practice was Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditations. You can purchase them online and they’re truly brilliant. With time, you’ll come to cherish and crave this special time to envision, manifest and believe in your cosmic force.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. I have my go-to spot and position, but I don’t do it at the same time every day. Sometimes I lay down, sometimes I do it outside, or on a couch. Hell, I’ve even fallen asleep meditating. That’s okay. The main thing is I DO it everyday. You can do it sitting up, lying down, in an airport or in a quiet place of your choosing. You can do it for 10 seconds, two minutes, five minutes, 20 minutes, or throughout the course of your day. One of the points of meditation (breathing, focusing on our breath, on the Spirit of ourselves and the Universe, which is one) is taking the time to pay attention to your breath and bring you back into the now since our mind loves to wander and create the crazy, unconsciousness most people exist in.

So, why is meditating so important besides what I just explained about tapping into the awesome of the Universe? There are both spiritual and physical benefits to meditating. In “Getting in the Gap,” Dr. Wayne Dyer explains how meditation has been proven to help reduce stress, cultivates a sense of peace, eliminates fatigue, slows the aging process, improves memory, helps us to find clarity of purpose and even helps us heal. Are you sold yet? And this shit is FREE. However, the spiritual benefits are just as important. From Getting in the Gap:

“The paramount reason for making meditation a part of our daily life is to join forces with our sacred energy and regain the power of our Source (God). Through meditation, we can tap into an abundance of creative energy that resides within us, and a more meaningful experience of life, which enriches us permanently. By meditating, we come to KNOW God rather than ABOUT God.”

Speaking from personal experience, this book idea was born out of meditation. The particular meditation I was going through at the time was from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, which I was doing for 15 minutes a day for 40 days, all while constantly reading books to get in touch with MY source and true calling. Even bigger than that, is I’m writing a book with “fuck” in the title. You think I give a shit? This came from my Source to reach YOU right now. I’ve even had people in my family let me know how I was leaving out a lot of demographic by naming my book this. I don’t care. I got this. They don’t. See, I’m becoming unkcufwithable as I’m going through this journey too.
I can’t encourage you enough to begin a daily practice of meditation if you haven’t already. It has truly changed my life, has helped me to keep my ego in check, and has put me on a path to my higher calling.

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