Connecting Amidst the Chaos

give, gain and grow

We are living in uncertain times and that is a for real thing. Every single day, something new and insanely inappropriate is coming out of our White House…like, you can’t even make this shit up, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. And not only that, more and more stories are coming out on the news and social media of domestic terrorism and hatred, bullying, suicides, shootings, overdoses, and these things are affecting people of all ages. There are times I don’t even want to look at my phone or Facebook or Twitter, and I honestly think I need to do more of that not looking at my phone business. I fucking preach that in my book and I need to do more living that in real life, but I know, it’s hard. It’s addictive. It’s a vice.

But honestly, despite all the bullshit that is happening in the world around us right now, there is hope. I know it. I feel it in my soul. While there is madness all around us, when we get centered and set our intentions for what we’re responsible for, we can be a beacon of light to those around us. Just giving a smile to a stranger can make someone’s day. Giving a compliment to a co worker, forgiving someone for something, letting go of the grudge, asking someone if they need your help…There are a million things we can focus on to bring up the vibrational energy of the Universe and help promote peace and light.

So, today, as you’re going about your day. Maybe look up a little bit more, as Maher suggests below. Maybe listen to the birds instead of reading through your news feed. Maybe go for a walk on your break instead of the usual thing you do. Maybe intentionally leave your phone on the charger when you go out to dinner. I encourage you today, friends, to unplug and connect with the Universe, and people around you, but perhaps the most important… yourself.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the closing monologue of New Rules on Real Time with Bill Maher the other night, have a look.

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