Seeing Beauty In All Things


I received one of my favorite tattoos on my body when I was 22 years old by in amazing artist named Mike Comp. It’s on my left forearm and it’s a cherub angel holding a serpent, kissing it. It represents finding beauty in everything. It’s been something I’ve strived to do since I was a kid. It’s how I live my life to this day. The little things, the big things… ALL the things. Even the darkest days and situations, I believe are lessons I’ve had to learn to deal with what I’ve attracted into my life and put me on a path to higher consciousness.

Dr. Wayne Dyer used to always say that your thoughts are the currency you have for your life. When you think thoughts of the things you don’t want and are constantly talking about the things you don’t want, or that life is unfair, you’re going to continue to have those things that you don’t want show up in your life because you become what you think about. Think about that for a minute.


So, here we are, these powerful, radiant beings, yet so many of us haven’t been living in that power.

I’ve been on a well-being kick for a while. I’ve conquered (for the most part) a lot of my bad habits over the last year, with the exception of one, and I’m working on getting up the balls to get that done. But in this sort of “cleansing” of my life that I’ve been doing, and focusing on the things I DO want, I’ve noticed that I’ve been unfriending and unfollowing a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter because I simply want to live a life of beauty and love, and it’s not in my best interest to see a constant stream of negativity in my feeds. I’d prefer to see messages of love and light. Of peace and oneness. And we’re living in some insane times right now because of the presidency that is happening and the terrorism that is occurring all over the world. And while these things are terrible, I have a choice to think thoughts of peace and love, and I believe those thoughts and intentions are of a far higher vibration than any evil.

I’m not sure what you’re personally going through in your life, but I want to encourage you today to have a look at what’s showing up in your life. Once you begin to shift your thoughts to beauty, you begin seeing it all around you. Once you begin to shift your thoughts to love, you’ll begin to see love all around you. Once you begin to BE a being of light, that is what you’ll want all around you. You’ll begin to stop caring about appearances…what someone looks like, how they’re dressed, how old they are, how much or little they have in their lives, and you’ll only begin to notice beauty.

I used to be so judgmental. I would judge people for being overweight, for how they dressed, I was one of those people who just did it unconsciously. It made me ugly. It made my insides ugly. It’s not to say I have perfect thoughts at all times, but what I CAN say, is I’m able to stop myself midway and make a shift. That’s called being aware. In one of my last posts, I shared with you how Dr. Dyer said that you’re only one thought away from changing your life. It’s so true. Once you begin to accept and love all people, you’re being a light to others and to yourself.

The only way you’re going to attract the things in your life that you DO want, is by putting your thoughts, focus, and intentions on what you want to manifest and then acting as if it is so. Assume the feeling that your wishes and desires and dreams are already fulfilled and live from that place of beauty.  You’ll be amazed by what shows up in your life.

I’m writing this right now because I want to encourage a positive shift. Are you one of those people who constantly write negative posts? Are you someone who sees yourself as a victim in everything you do? Are people always out to get you? It’s simply no way to live and most people don’t know they’re doing it. And with everyone having a social media presence, it’s a lot easier to see who people really are by seeing what they post about the most.

Please friends, love one another. Begin standing in your power. Be a lover. Be a light. Be the change because it begins with YOU. And once you start living in your beauty, I promise, you’ll begin to see it all around you.

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