Resist the Run. Embrace the Flow


Have you ever sat back and watched a river or a stream and thought about how perfectly it flows and noticed the beautiful sounds it makes as the water makes its way downstream? A flowing river or stream can help us see some very powerful things within ourselves, and can also be a metaphor for how to handle the twists and turns of life.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine yesterday. She’s at a place in her life where she feels a little lost because she’s in a relationship that she was once completely on board with, but over time, she’s not really that happy in it. She feels like she’s losing who SHE is and can’t quite put her finger on a solution. She expressed, “I’m always running trying to find an answer.” The only piece of advice I could offer in that moment was what my Spirit said to me. “Stop running. Start flowing.”

How often do we run around looking for answers when we don’t really need to waste all of that energy on the search? Too often if you ask me, yours truly just as guilty. Rather a more productive approach could be to go with the flow. Sometimes, we have “A-HA” moments that create instant change and when that happens, we are in a full flow of non-resistance. When we run around looking for a way to change the things we want to change, we’re then creating resistance, therefore creating more of what we don’t want because that’s the feeling we’re assuming. Law of Attraction only goes by feelings.

Most of the time in life, when I’m struggling with the next steps or deciding what to do or how to do it, I’ve noticed the moment I let go and let God, the Universe, Creator, or whatever name you’d like to give it, do Its thing, that’s when answers come and things magically align. I’ve experienced this beautiful phenomena my entire life. There are things we’re not meant to figure out, or “know.” All things in life go back to trusting that the all-knowing, all-providing Source, has a plan for us all. When we align with that Source and in the magic it has for us, magical shit happens.

Sometimes, I like to visualize the Tree of Life Source from the film, Avatar. I think that the Tree of Life is such a perfect visualization of the power of meditation. This is a time to fill up with the energetic power of life, of love, of peace, of protection, of TRUST. Knowing the Tree always provides the perfect answers at the perfect time. See if that works for you. Maybe you’ll be like me and get all tingly and giddy, because that energy is for real. And that’s the only kind of energy I want radiating out of my space.

So, the next time you find yourself searching for the steps you need to take to change a situation you’d like to change, I encourage you to consider flowing for a while and feel the ebb and flow of the current. Trust that it will lead you to the exact place that you want and need to be.




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