I Am Hopeful

Stardust and magic in woman hands on dark background

Welcome to day one of this “I Am” series. We’re going to be covering so much over the next couple of months. Some of it may be repeated, but that’s okay, because some of it may need to be. The only thing I’m asking you to do right now is to have an open mind.

Today, I would like you to go throughout your day today reminding yourself, “I AM HOPEFUL.” This is your mantra of the day, and hopefully will carry on through your week, your life, but for right now, this one moment… one moment at a time will work.

I understand if you may be asking, “what is there to be hopeful about?” Shit is crazy right now, especially in our political climate. If you’re like so many that I talk to, you’re feeling worried, fearful, helpless, and wondering what the fuck is going on. I can understand. I’m here right now to ask that in this moment, forget about everything that’s happening around you and focus on YOU. Is what you are thinking or holding inside you making you feel good? If not, I’m asking you to make a shift. It may be something you’ve never even considered because you’ve most likely been going about your thoughts and your days in a state of unconsciousness, meaning you’re just kinda going with the flow without really thinking about it. You’re bitching with your co-workers, complaining to your spouse, being angry inside for so many different things, without the understanding that all of these bad feelings will keep getting amplified with bad feelings because that is what you’re focusing on. So, I’m asking you to STOP, and shift to a thought that makes you feel good. What makes you feel hope? What makes you feel content?

There are a million things around us everyday that do not feel good. Depression doesn’t feel good. Sickness doesn’t feel good. Feeling like you don’t have enough doesn’t feel good. Feeling helpless for our brothers and sisters around the world who are deployed or who have been hit with the recent natural disasters around this world. It’s easy to focus on these things. So, it may be completely out of your character or nature to stop your thought process in its tracks and start asking yourself what WOULD make you feel good? What makes you feel hope?

I’m encouraging you to ask those questions and envision something beautiful that makes you feel hopeful and fuck everything else. We will be covering this more but for now, I’ll just say that when your thoughts are in alignment with your spirit, you feel good. When you don’t feel good, that is a sign that something is wrong. This is your chance to be aware of your thoughts, and then switch to better-feeling thoughts that will get you back into alignment with the Source that created you. You were not meant to live with hopelessness. If you are feeling that way, your emotions are letting you know something isn’t right, and that it’s time to spend some time getting aligned.

Today, please take five minutes (or more) to thank the Universe for all it provides for you on a daily basis…water, air, food, clothing, freedom to live how we would like, income, etc…every small thing we may take for granted. Take five more minutes and envision all your hopes and dreams for what you’d like to see in your life, and stay in that hope. Notice the way your body feels. You may notice a “tingling” sensation. I hope you do. Stay in that place for as long as you can. Yes, I’m asking you to shift from a negative way of thinking to a positive way of thinking. What you focus on expands, and what you choose to think about and how it makes you feel will make its way to you no matter what. Good or bad. It is the Law of Attraction. I am hopeful that you’d like to feel good. Who’s with me?

I’d like to hear some of your hopes and dreams? What are they? What are you hopeful for?

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