I Am Unlimited

New Mexico Night

Think about that for one minute. I AM UNLIMITED.

Now, imagine living your life as so. Does that seem hard to fathom? If so, why? What do you think is stopping you from your unlimited potential? Could it be the thoughts you’re choosing? Could it be because someone ELSE said that it wasn’t possible? Could it be because you’re afraid? The thing is, somewhere along the paths of our lives, many of us unlearned this slightly HUGE important fact about ourselves and decided to make a ceiling to call the top. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like ceilings. I much prefer looking up at the stars. That being said, let’s talk about this business of unlimited possibilities.

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you LOVE to do? What is the one thing or things that make your heart feel full and satisfied on a deep level that you would do if money were not an option? What is it that you’re GOOD at that you love and can improve upon? Because I have to let you know, you were intended to do all that you love to do, because in doing these things, you FEEL good, and your FEELINGS are what you continually attract more of. So it is by law that the Universe will give you more of those good feelings opportunities, and will open up doors, seemingly out of “nowhere” to give you everything you need to do the work you love in abundance. Does that make sense?

When I was a little girl, the only thing I knew in life that I wanted to do was to be a paid, touring, musician and also create music. I wanted, at that time, to be Debbie Gibson or Madonna, but I was nine years old. But I seriously knew I wanted to entertain people musically. I never gave up that vision even when I had so many people tell me that it was an impossible dream and that I had to “know” people and that it was really “hard” to make it in the music industry. And while I did the normal kid stuff, and went through middle school and high school, the more music I immersed myself in, the more I wanted to learn to play an instrument. So I picked up a guitar and taught myself to play chords out of an old Mel Bay book.

I learned, I worked, I wrote songs, played in a million different bands and never gave up on that vision, even when the bands I was in didn’t get signed to a major label or ended up breaking up. All of those experiences were preparing me for a much bigger gig, one bigger than I ever could have imagined. I now get to play bass in one of my favorite bands of all time, Cold. I love this band so much I got their logo tattooed on me 18 years ago. But had I listened to other people in my life, reminding me how difficult my dream was, I would have believed I had limits. And I’m not okay with that, nor should you be.

When you have a true dream, a burning, BURNING desire to do something, the Universe will hear you, see your efforts, and open doors only It can. Remind yourself always, “I AM UNLIMITED.”

What are YOUR dreams? I encourage you today to make a list of some of the things you love to do. Meditate on those things by envisioning you DOING those things and having an abundance of income. Notice how you feel after. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to reach out and do something…even if it’s just one thing. Today, take one step in the direction of that vision.

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