I Am a Creator

Colorful imagination

You could be saying right now, “But Lindsay, I’m not a creative type. I can’t draw. I can’t play an instrument. I’m not really creating anything.” Well, I can promise you that you’re creating your entire reality. You are the creator of EVERYTHING you are experiencing in this life. You have special talents and passions that others may not come close to having, though it doesn’t make you more important than anyone else.

The fact is you are capable of creating the life of your dreams. You came here with a mission and now it’s just a matter of getting your thoughts and dreams aligned to make that mission possible. You didn’t come here to be “better” than anyone. You didn’t come here to “compare” yourselves to other people. You came here to be the best YOU that you can be to help expand this physical world and make it a better place. And everyone else around came to do the same. You are a gift, and this life is a gift. With that said, let’s talk about how we speak to ourselves based on two different perspectives.

According to the Law of Attraction, there are two sides to every thought we have. We also have our own stories we’ve made up in our minds based on the events we’ve experienced thus far, as far back as to when we were infants. When we get together with friends, we talk about these experiences and stories, which give them more and more power, therefore attracts more and more of whatever story you’re thinking about or talking about. For example: You could have the story of having your heart broken. There are two ways to see this.

Thought pattern number one: You could say, “I’m so unlucky in love. I can’t seem to find the right person. Nothing ever seems to work out right. Why do these types of personalities keep showing up in my life?” – Well, I’ll tell you why… because those are the thoughts you’re thinking. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. It is Law.

Thought pattern number two: “While that relationship didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I am grateful for the learning experience and the time my partner and I had. I now know what I don’t want, so I can focus my attention and energy on what I do want the next time around.”

Here’s another example. Let’s say you are not in the best health that you’d like to be.

Thought pattern number one: “Ugh, I need to lose weight. I’m so fat. I’m so gross. I feel like crap all the time. I can’t seem to control myself at all.”

Thought pattern number two: “I’ve got an amazing body that is fully capable of functioning perfectly without any help from me. I’m working toward my goals and each day that I stay consistent in eating foods that make me feel good and give me energy, and each day that I move my body, I am that much closer to my goals. I honor my beautiful body, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I am capable of accomplishing.”

See the difference in these thoughts? You can’t think “fat” thoughts and expect to be thinner. You can’t think “all relationships turn out shit” and expect to have a good relationship. It is not possible. Healthy thought patterns and good feelings are what your true self and what the Universe responds to IF you want to create the things you want to create in your life.

The Universe has impeccable timing and there’s a perfect order to everything that is happening all around you. There are tons of books about the Law of Attraction, so this one post won’t begin to cover the power of your thoughts. What I DO want it to do though, is get you thinking about what you want to create. Fuck reality. Let’s say you’re far from where you want to be. That’s perfectly okay. What’s important for you to realize is that you can, moment by moment, start thinking about the things in life you DO want. Ask yourself why you want it, and then begin to FEEL what it would feel like to you if you had this dream or wish or thing come to fruition.

I can’t express the importance of changing your thought patterns to only be to those things that you want to create for yourselves. The more you get to thinking about these things, the stronger your vibration will get, and therefore, those better things will be on their way to you because it is law. It is up to YOU to create your best possible life, and you have all the power in the world behind you to do it. Tap into it.

What are some of the stories you’re telling yourself each day? How can you begin to create a different, more positive narrative than the one you’re currently having?

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