I Am Worthy

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Today’s ‘I Am Worthy’ post was inspired by Thrive Global. Last week, they had asked the question, “How do you make lasting, positive habits?” And man, it really got me thinking, which I immediately said to myself, “I know I’m worthy of having everything I want in life.” I have to tell you, 20 years ago, no one would have predicted the track I’m currently on.

But as much as I’d like to say I’ve always had my shit together, I haven’t. I’ve been a complete shit show many times and hell, sometimes I still am. I’ve done drugs, I’ve drank way too much, I’ve stayed way too long in unhealthy relationships, I’ve gone weeks and months without doing any of the things I truly love, that give me life, such as writing, creating music, and meditating. But as I’ve been growing into this being I am today, and will continue to, I’ve begun to really listen to my body and my soul, so it’s pretty easy for me to know when I’m off track or something isn’t right.

So, if you are like me at all, then I bet you have some of these feelings I’m going to share with you when YOU are off track or not in your “positive habits” mode. Let’s say you have a million ‘to-do’ lists in your head or on paper, (both short and long-term things) yet nothing seems to be getting done in the ways you intended them. Some of the side effects of being off track could show their ugly faces with depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, and lots of confusion. Why is this? Why are you experiencing these feelings? In addition, these feelings can show up in all areas of our life, whether we’re attempting to manage our diets, our exercise habits, our work habits, our sleeping habits, our relationship habits, or any other aspects of our existence.

What is it that makes us get off track?

The answer is pretty simple when we look inside of ourselves and take responsibility for our lives and stop looking outside at the people or factors of our lives. It’s typically me, it’s typically you. You know the saying “You’re your own worst enemy?” Well, I know this is always the case with me. And the one thing that snaps me out of it, and what I feel like the number one factor in creating lasting positive habits is KNOWING MY WORTH. And I want you all to know that YOU TOO, are worthy and capable of living how you want with everything you want.

In order to create changes that positively impact you and your life on a daily basis is to know that you deserve an incredibly happy, peaceful, joyful, and abundant life. So often we live our lives in a state of lack. In Brene’ Brown’s “Daring Greatly,” she speaks in depth about scarcity, and how usually, the first thing we think about in the morning is that we didn’t get enough sleep, and then it goes from there. Not enough time, not thin enough, not smart enough, not good enough and the list could go on and on. Well, I’m here to tell you that thinking thoughts that sabotage us or tear us down is a whole lotta BS which mainly lives just in our heads, and we must evict those tenants of thinking.

You must know that not only are you enough, you are MORE than enough. You are a creative, beautiful soul who is here to give love and receive love. Everything else will fall into place. And if there are people in your life who want to sidetrack you in saying there isn’t power in positive thinking, prepare to take a big step away from them.

One of the positive habits I’ve created in my life over the past year is a meditation practice, which has changed ALL areas of my life. I can’t express enough the power, the ideas, the confidence, the peace, and the transformation my life has had since I’ve been regularly practicing getting in touch with my Inner Being. My self-talk has changed dramatically. My energy has changed dramatically. My choices have changed because I now know the power I have is in my thoughts. The power is inside ME. I can promise you that once you start loving yourself, everything in your life falls into perspective. And your daily habits begin to SERVE you, rather than deter you.

Yes, I fall off track. This past week was the holiday, and there were a couple of days I missed because I with friends, and I had some drinks, and I didn’t really put myself first in the ways I normally do. I felt that. So, once I got this little feeling of anxiety, I knew exactly what it was from, and I immediately meditated and got back on track almost instantly. It caused me to journal, make a list, and set some new intentions that I’ve already begun to incorporate into my life to make ME better. Not to prove anything to anyone else. I just want to be better than I was yesterday. And when you have that mindset and that attitude, and not beat yourself up for getting off track in the first place, you can indeed, move the mountains in your life.

Three things you can do today to create lasting habits:

1. Spend 20 minutes alone, put on some flowy music and just breathe. 

During this time, do some “I AM” mantras. Even if you don’t believe them in this moment, say them. Fake it till you make it. Here are a few to get you started.

I am creative.

I am beautiful.

I am inspiration.

I am enough.

I am attracting new and perfect experiences into my life.

I am worthy of all the things I want for my life.

2. Make a list of the things you want to begin incorporating into your life or the habits you’d like to see in your life.

If you want to lose weight, I highly suggest picking up a book to help educate you on your body. One book suggestion in this area is Lyn-Genet Recitas’, “The Metabolism Plan.” If you want to work out, get Beachbody On Demand, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home and it costs way less than a gym membership. If you want to begin meditating, download the free Insight Timer app for your smartphone. But you must know where you like to see yourself in the next month. And then finally….

3. Start SOMEWHERE. It doesn’t matter where, just START.

One day at a time, you can begin to do little things to improve your state of mind.

Once you believe in yourself and know your true worth, you realize you have little time for things that bring you down, including your own self-sabotage.

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