Think Better – Be Better

Precarious earth

I spent some time on the 54th verse of the Tao today and had a simple reminder of how important every thought that I have, impacts not only my well-being, but the Universal well-being as a whole. So, I guess I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you what spoke to me, and it may perhaps speak to you.

I know I continually say that you get what you think about and what you focus on expands. Good or bad. And how our thoughts truly DO become our realities. There is so much power in that cosmos of a brain we have, and most of it is subconscious. This has caused me to reflect a bit on what’s happening in our society. I’ve been a little angry… okay, a lot fucking angry about how our government is currently being ran. I’ve been judgy, I’ve been not okay with a lot of things, so much so that I’ve had to take myself away from news completely.

So, in today’s Tao verse, I was reminded that even a small amount of effort in sharing a blessing of love and peace can help produce more of the same on a scale I can’t even fully imagine. I’m going to share with you what Dr. Wayne Dyer said:

Dedicate a day extending kind thoughts and acts toward your family, your community, your country, and the world. In your family, encourage someone who’s struggling with low self-esteem. In your community, pick up litter and recycle it without judgement. In your country, spend a few moments in silent prayer, sending loving energy to those who are in positions of power – then do the same for the world, including any so-called enemies.

When we realize how much our lives and our thoughts matter, we can take an unwanted thought, acknowledge it, and make a conscious decision to change it into something productive. As many times as we can do that daily, it then becomes an unconscious habit, and everything around you can change in a matter of time. Baby steps. So, I sent up some love to our asshole in chief, (like I said, baby steps), even though it wasn’t easy, and I felt a ripple-like effect in body, Then, I continued to send loving vibrations to every single person that popped into my head. When I was done, something inside me had shifted, and I truly felt like my intention was set for the day…one of pure love, peace, joy, and productivity.

I want to encourage you all to love. Love hard. Be kind. Be encouraging. Just be a better human being. Even if it’s for one moment, one day, one hour. Fuck it. That’s hope.

What are some areas in your life where you need to change your unhealthy thoughts?

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