An Open Letter to my Teenage Daughter

Bella Milan,

As I’ve been with you the past few days, I feel so blessed. I see so many of my traits in you. Your complexity, your wonder, your attitude, your inquisitive nature, your belief system. Always ask questions. Always follow your heart and listen to your soul because THAT is the voice of God, Source, Energy, the Universe… you ARE that. But also learn when to just trust.

When you’re lost, take a breath, listen to you, and fuck everyone else. (But you also have to understand the balance… sometimes you don’t say it out loud.) Be patient. Be kind. But always stand up for what you believe in respectfully. (You won’t always do this as “respectfully” as I or your Father want or do, however, you’re my daughter so I’d expect nothing less…and that’s okay. You’ll learn this..)

Life throws a million curve balls and most people don’t know how to handle them. You are not “most people” You’re guided by light because that’s what you are. This is the life YOU chose. That’s all you can be. So shine, baby. Bright. You do YOU, baby boo.

I’m so proud of you. You are truly what your name is…Beautiful. Your Father and I will always lift you up, always be authentic, and will always support you. (I sarcastically wanna say, “You’re welcome..” but I believe your spirit knows this. 😉 Even though we’re not “together” as a family. We chose to be the best for you and for each other, so we’re special. Let’s set a bar….Bar set.

Moving to the next…

We live in a world of distractions (listen to the song, Disillusioned by A Perfect Circle…it’s a perfect example of the state of a lot of the world..) but you don’t have to be in that. You don’t have to be lost. And when you are… when you get distracted…. because you WILL, don’t judge yourself. Let it go, move on, and remember to live in love…connect. Because love for yourself is the best thing you can do, because that is the love of God (which is You, and if anyone says you’re selfish for that, let them go). So we move on, and keep giving. When you give, and this goes for helping your dad pick up the house, replacing toilet paper (at ANYONE’S home), helping friends out, giving love blessings as you pass by people (even in your mind), that is giving….it’s the little things, baby girl…

…Take a moment and think about your life… when are you not given what you’re needed? We never are. So always give back.

And always be grateful. Every morning, when you wake up in a bed, when you get an amazing sleep, when you have a roof over your head, when you get to drink good water, when you get to put good food in your body that moves you and helps you to do good for the world, by your creation of whatever you’re destined to create…And by the way… you have a perfect body that heals itself… welcome to being the creator of your life. “Thank you for a perfect body that heals itself.” (Good everyday mantra, so just put that in the mind stream every time you take a shit.) 😉 I hope you get my point… be great full (I didn’t mess that up. Great. Full. Grateful.) 😉

Also, I need to address this: There is no such thing as “sin.” There are only experiences that help us grow into more love and light for the people in our world and that shit starts in our backyards. That starts with you. Forgive yourself for fucking up your belief system in the times that you do. Adjust. Your belief system changes as you grow. Just do your best. But live life. And love it.

And when your heart is broken, and it will be broken… that is what helps us grow even more. I will cry with you, feel sorry for you, and then push you into the You you’re growing into.

You’re an artist. A creator. So do that. Always. Set an intention everyday to be the best you that you can be. Be like the song Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun… ‘never look down, be in awe of what’s in front you’…. take moments to pull aside..smell the flowers, look up at the stars, watch the sunsets every night like my dear friend, Christina does. Sometimes we have to slow down. Make friends on airplanes. Make memories. Because we’re a glimpse of an expansion of the Universe in this moment. So explode into the best. You are made of stardust. The same components that make up the stars.

I also want to address something else. I understand the sacrifices we all make as I live over a thousand miles away from you right now. I truly appreciate you and your dad’s support as I am working with my dream band and living out this dream of mine. If you ever decide to have children (and it’s totally okay not to as well…) But always remember that your dreams don’t die if you decide to have children. Always keep reaching for all the stars. Keep living all of your dreams. When you do that, you set an example. I believe that’s the example that makes a difference. Again, live your authentic and true self, no matter what anyone says.

Thrive, baby girl… my teenage girl. Thrive. Thrive on. Your thrive, which may piss people off, has more power to change lives than any negativity you’ll ever experience. Get it.

And let’s build this empire together…

Your 4th day is the rest of your life… what are you going to create?  As Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra says in their song, I Know How To Speak… “I’m really gunna try this time…gunna give you my heart in spite of my soul …  You gave it all hope…and all of this is a circle… there’s nobody else like you… so many that came before ya… this is the moment I choose, between the hope and the hottest… so be honest.”

I love you bigger than the sky, cuz the sky never ends…


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Teenage Daughter

  1. I love you, your heart and the way you love your sweet Bella! This is beautiful and i precious gift to her! Hugs


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