New Beginnings

I haven’t written any posts on my site in such a long time. Life happened. Dreams happened. The new Cold record happened. A tour happened. My book getting finished happened. A pandemic happened. And here we are at Day 65 for me. Our Spring tour was postponed until who knows. Life has been turned upside down, and now we all must find new ways of being, feeling, and doing.

Last year, my dear friend, Tricia, started a candle business. A little side hustle. She taught me how to make candles in her dining room…in small batches. At the time, I was bartending at a little gastropub in Fallbrook, California, waiting for the fall tour with Cold. 

August came, and I was out of California for three months. The Broken Human Tour was a success. We faced many challenges as a band, one day, you’ll get some funny stories, but overall, we were all anxious to get back on the road and do it all again. 

When I returned from tour, I wanted to make a candle collection for the Cold Army, so Tricia decided to make me a partner in Equinox Farm Shop.  I was getting ready to head out on our Spring tour when three days before I was going to Pennsylvania, the entire world went on lock down, so we, along with all of our colleagues had to postpone our tours. So, new ways of being…. Tricia and I have really had the time to grow the business. We are beyond excited with all the love we’ve been getting from our customers and the Cold Army. 

Also, my book UNFUCKWITHABLE: A Guide to Inspired Badassery is FINALLY ready and getting published, so, we have so many amazing things on the horizon. Pre-orders will be starting next week. So hang tight. My blog will also be getting much more attention along with all of you.

Thank you for all the love and support!

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