Perspective AF

As many of you had read in my last blog post, I was having a bit of a hard time given the state that our country is in. The division in it. And while I still feel the way I feel, there have been some things that put me in my place the last couple of days. 

One, I resorted to arguing and adding to the division of what I’ve been trying to unite, and that’s people. Two, my best friend is going through a family matter that is far more important and demanding of anything that could possibly upset any of us when it comes to differences of opinions. So, I have been truly humbled by these two events. And embarrassed by my behavior. 

I wore a Stay Kind T-shirt yesterday because I needed that reminder. I think we all need to remember to step back and honestly, sometimes, just let some shit go. (I am by no means saying to stop the peaceful protests and the unity when it comes to injustice and racism….what I AM talking about is the arguing and name-calling). Time and time again, we think we can change people but we can’t. We can’t argue with people and expect to change their minds about things. It doesn’t work that way, yet here we are, we still “attempt” it. 

And I’m so guilty of it. But ultimately, it just adds to the division and the last thing any of us need is division. We need to come together and stand as one human race in order to make a change. The following is a passage from my book, Unfuckwithable: A Guide to Inspired Badassery, that I had to look at and go back and remind myself, so I share this with you: 

“You can’t fight racism with racism. You can’t fight hate with more hate. You can’t fight a war with more bombs. We, as a human race, one blood, have to change the way we think and the way we respond to things. We need to stop “fighting” and start loving. Future generations depend on it. We also have to keep in mind that we can’t give away what we don’t have. So we must learn to LOVE ourselves so that we can share the love with others.” 

Look, I don’t understand why our nation is where it is today. As I said, it breaks me sometimes. So, what can I add today to make a change? I can add peace and love and come from THAT place.

I’ve been catching up on This Is Us this week, because I pride myself on choosing shows that make me ugly cry… Well, in the episode I watched last night, the character, Kevin, was talking about how we all have these things we go through. They make us who we are, believe the way we believe, act the way we act. And it’s messy sometimes. And sometimes it’s gross. Sometimes it’s wonderful. But one of the lines he says is, “It doesn’t make you unlovable…it makes you human.” And that spoke to me.

We get all angry and judgy and ultimately, we’re just human. And hopefully, we can ALL get to a place where we stop always having to be “right.”

I’m going to close this up now and share Dr. Wayne Dyer’s advice from the Tao verse I read this morning. 

“Pick a situation today (any situation will work), and instead of verbally responding, be silent and listen to your thoughts….. If you find your worldly ego interrupting or judging, then just observe that without criticizing or changing it. You’ll begin to find more and more situations where it feels peaceful and joyful to be without response….just to be in the infinity that’s hidden but always present.”

Today, let’s think about what REALLY matters before letting our egos get the best of us. It’s definitely something I can commit to.

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Feature Image by Dustin Gibson

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