We never really ACTUALLY know, right?

Okay, bear with me. I’ve been pondering this question the last couple of days (well, lots of questions)…. Do we ever really KNOW….? I mean, REALLY know? With anything we do in life? Perhaps some things? But do we REALLY? I don’t know. Maybe? Maybe not? Let’s talk, because this question can be applied to so much, and it’s also kind of rhetorical. So, here’s what’s been on my mind for the last week.

I don’t think we know shit. I mean, unless we’re experts in a particular field, and even then, the chances of 100 percent knowing ALL of the things can still be questioned. Because everything changes. Everything is fluid. Matter changes. Everything on this planet changes. We evolve and flow…. Or then what? Also, I’m speaking about literally everything right now… the CDC, COVID, all media, people, relationships, my entire fucking life, probably yours too… ALL of it. So, this is a thought process I’m sharing with you to perhaps help with your own thought process. (Yeah, I’m confused too, but maybe we won’t be by the end of this…) 

So, I feel like I answered the question I posed in the title….maybe what I’m really trying to get at is, what are the consequences of not flowing…when we all REALLY don’t know…anything? We know how something FEELS to us inside our body when we’re triggered…whatever that may be to us individually. Maybe the bigger question or thing, and the hardest, is taking the time to feel that out and ask ourselves WHY something feels a particular way to us…For instance, some may wonder WHY some people get so triggered over things like Trump and his criminal ways, and why some can be so OKAY with it. But deeper. Where do we get our core values as humans, and are we open to changing beliefs we’ve clung to our entire lives in order to evolve? Is refusing to evolve one of the reasons we may feel so off kilter in certain situations? (So many questions.)

Let’s talk COVID… Let’s talk science. If you are anything like me, I’m sure you’re tired of the conflicting stories surrounding it. Yes, we all want answers and we all want life to go back to some normalcy. But just as everything else, this virus is changing. So, what can we do to protect ourselves and others right now? (Wear a mask)…. And given the new evidence that the President of the United States was recorded knowing just how deadly this virus was and completely downplayed it publicly and now nearly 200K Americans are dead, that fact alone can cause a fuck of a lot of uncertainty in something some thought they could believe in. What happens when everyone realizes they aren’t scientists because they read one article or have a “feeling” about something they have absolutely no clue about?

So many are constantly looking for answers from other people. And it makes me wonder if our laziness has surpassed our own critical thinking skills. We all want to feel safe. Yes. We all want to feel better in our space. Yes. But we can only look to others for “so much” when it comes to what is best for us and being in tune with our own unique wisdom (which is both listening (not even needing to UNDERSTAND) true scientific evidence of things, and being wise enough to take the advice of experts). So, I ask, what is your uncertainty? What are you afraid of? ……. And how is your connection these days? To yourself? To your loved ones? To the Universe? To Life? Back again, TO YOU? 

Do you ever ask yourselves these questions? Do you ever really dig deep? I mean, what REALLY matters to you? (In this moment I’d like to encourage you to answer that….take out a piece of paper)….WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU? 1. 2. 3. 20. that shit. And why? 1. 2. 3. 20 that shit too. 

Look, I’m no philosopher. But I’m pretty spiritual. And I sometimes get on a soapbox…which is also pretty dumb. Sorry, not sorry?  But all week, all these questions just kinda hit me as I was working on a song and talked to a friend about real life music industry ego things and expectations we have. Things we think “should be” in regard to literally everything in life.

I feel like ultimately, nothing can truly be trusted. Well, our guts. But even then, our minds can try to trick us into something that’s not really there. A misinterpretation. So, we go about our days in a state of confusion. But maybe it’s not really confusion. Maybe the hardest thing is looking at our own reality. Do we surround ourselves with people who make us feel good? Do we fall into our own traps of self importance? Do we feel the impulse to make a stand when we don’t truly educate ourselves and find real answers and evidence of those? YES, we MUST advocate BLM, and support women and fucking tear down the assholes that try to take advantage… this post is not about that… it’s about personal responsibility in literally everything in our lives. Maybe it’s tearing our own walls down. Maybe it’s actually being safe about our space for ourselves. Maybe it’s letting our own bullshit go.

What do you think?

On that note, wear a mask. Be safe. Maybe that’s the point of this post. Not knowing, but respecting this little baby ass time we have here in this moment to truly live life. 

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