The Most Important Part of the Day

I’ve had a few emails and direct messages asking about my morning routine. I share in my book, Unfuckwithable: A Guide to Inspired Badassery, the importance of taking the first hour of your day and really prioritizing yourself in order to get your shit together and have a kick ass, productive day. So, I’m going to share mine with you.

First off, let’s talk about SLEEP. It’s imperative to get at least seven hours of sleep. I personally have a FitBit to track my sleep, so if I wake up and see that it’s only 5 or 6 hours, I force myself to get another hour or two of said sleep. I also work for myself so I can do that. But, I’m typically asleep by around 12:30 am and up by 8:30 am,  depending on what I have going one that following day. But even if you get up at 6am, you can still work your sleeping pattern to get 7 hours of sleep.

As soon as I hop out of bed and have my coffee going, I make my bed. There’s something about making my bed that gives my mind a reset. It’s like, I’m done with rest, my room looks nice, and it’s organized. It makes me feel good. 

The first things I put in my body are 16 ounces of lemon water and a pre and probiotic. As I’m doing this, I am consciously thanking the water for the nourishment it is giving me to start my day. I tend to say thank you about 10 times in the morning…. For ALL of the things. 

After water and making my bed, I throw my coffee in a blender with ghee (which is basically a mix of organic butter and coconut oil) for some brain boosting fat, a tiny bit of raw sugar, and cream. (I use real cream because it helps to cut the acidity of the coffee which is better for me personally.) Plus it’s creamy delightfulness that makes me feel amazing. 

While having said coffee, I read a verse of the TAO which also allows for me to get in touch with the Higher Power we can all connect with that is within us. It’s that creative, artistic Spirit that goes beyond us, which co-creates WITH us. Then I read a chapter of a book. I’m typically reading two or three books at a time. But I read for at least 20-30 minutes a day, something that pushes me to be a kinder, more patient, and more productive being. 

After I read, I journal all the things I am grateful for in the moment and make a list of the things I want to accomplish that day. I time block, prioritize and get organized.

Then I meditate for 20 minutes. My meditations vary. I do a lot of Deepak Chopra meditations and meditations on an app called Insight Timer, but there are plenty of apps out there you can use. You don’t even have to use an app. However, I enjoy apps that allow me to keep track of things. It’s just my thing. 

After my meditation, I get my day going. I work out five or six days a week. I subscribe to Beach Body on Demand. I do yoga a couple times a week, I hike with my friends A LOT, or I lift weights. But I always move my body in some way. Sometimes it’s right after meditation, or sometimes it’s after I work for a couple of hours. Moving my body and keeping it strong truly keeps me out of depression. I am prone to depression especially being an artist, so it’s a must for me. When I am not physically active, I feel like shit, mind, body and spirit. I also do intermittent fasting, so I fast for 16 hours. I basically only eat between noon and 8pm. 

Do you have a morning routine to keep you focused and on track? If so, share below! If you don’t have one, I’d encourage you to see how it feels adopting one. Even something as small as adding that first kick of water in the morning, or reading for TEN minutes and meditating for five minutes can really help change the direction of your day. 

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(Featured image captured by Emily Tingley)

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