13 Questions to Ask Yourself

I would like to make a case for humanity right now.

I would like to ask some questions. I’m happy to respond to anyone who answers these questions…

1. Do you believe all people are equal and bleed the same blood?

2. Do you believe that people should decide what they want to do in their lives personally, and also medically? 

3. Do you believe that everyone should have access to affordable health care?

4. Do you believe that everyone should have an accessible education system that helps facilitate free thinking regardless of your background?

5. Do you believe you should be told the truth from those who receive information before you do?

6. Do you believe that funds should be put into education before war? 

7. Do you believe art and music are important in molding children AND adults?

8. Do you believe we should help develop a better infrastructure when it comes to our safety? 

9. Do you believe we should administer funds to creating a clean environment?

10. Do you believe that we have the capability within ourselves…. As individuals… to unite our country?

11. Do you think it’s okay for a president to say he can grab any woman by the pussy or shoot someone in Times Square?

12. Do you think conversion therapy is a thing? 

13. Do you think tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% help you?

There are more questions… a laundry list … but for my readers….if you answer yes to questions 11-13, please…. Go on… tell me why. 

This is not a blog post to divide. This is simply asking questions. I’m asking YOU to ask YOURSELF these questions.

How can we collectively create change in this country? What are YOUR creative (inclusive) ideas? I don’t care about what you’ve been groomed to believe in or say…so, fuck your ego and mine too. Let’s have some real talk.

One thought on “13

  1. 1. Yes, absolutely. That’s all that matters about a person – what they bleed. Some people forget that. We’re all the same, we’re all made of the same stuff.
    2. Yes. As long as a person isn’t out harming others, there is no reason to not allow them to do as they please personally and medically. They are their own person, and their decisions are not anyone else’s to dictate.
    3. Holy crap, yes. That should be a basic human right. What do we all need to survive? Food, water, shelter, safety, and our health. Those basic things should be provided to anyone with a pulse. What are we if we don’t allow these basic needs to be met by everyone?
    4. Yes. Education is incredibly important, and free thinking is a huge part of that. In a learning environment, people should be allowed to question, to contest, to think freely, to speak freely, and to bring their own creative insight and personal opinion to the table. How can we learn if we don’t also listen?
    5. Yes, yes, yes. It’s terrible that people in the know before the majority choose to either keep it to themselves or to bend the truth to feed their needs. How crooked is this? How can a world survive or grow with a small amount of people controlling what the majority knows about?
    6. Always. Education is the key to a better society. Education where people can learn and grow as themselves, think for themselves, and be themselves. War is the exact opposite, and only incites fear and hatred. There’s a difference between being prepared to protect yourself versus itching for war.
    7. Art and music are the MOST important things in molding children and adults. Without either, there is nothing. Nothing.
    8. Yes. Hands down, simply yes.
    9. Yes. This planet has been here long before us and will be long after us. The damage we’ve done in the short time we’ve inhabited it is insane. What right do we have to destroy the beautiful place we have to live in? Taking care of it is our right and our duty, and appropriating funds toward that should be very very high on our list.
    10. One hundred percent. We all need to drop the ego just a little and remember that we’re all in this together. We all bleed the same, we can all work as one to make this a better situation for everyone.
    11. Never. Fuck that guy. Fuck anyone who would grab someone by the pussy or shoot anyone anywhere.
    12. Hell no. That’s one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. Let people be who they are.
    13. No. That helps them, and only them.

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