We The Sheeple

We have two entities within us. We have our spirit self and our ego self. Imbalance almost ALWAYS occurs in our lives because we’re placing more emphasis and value on our ego self.

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I’m Not Okay

I’d like to share with you some real life. Because I’m not always positive and happy all the time. I’m not always in a great mood. I’m not always a big ray of fucking sunshine. So, here we go.

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An Open Letter to my Teenage Daughter

When you’re lost, take a breath, listen to you, and fuck everyone else. (But you also have to understand the balance… sometimes you don’t say it out loud.) Be patient. Be kind. But always stand up for what you believe in respectfully. (You won’t always do this as “respectfully” as I or your Father want or do, however, you’re my daughter so I’d expect nothing less…and that’s okay. You’ll learn this..) 

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Use Your Words

After taking a month or so away from work (my brand work), I have to tell you, I’m happy to be back. As many of you were making New Years resolutions, I was dicking around doing my best to avoid any sort of reality. I have to do that sometimes. But I’m back…with a mission, […]

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I Am Forgiving Part One

With all the nastiness and snarky comments from people this past weekend over the incident where Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age kicked a photographer’s camera and it in turn, struck her head, I feel obliged to speak up on this matter being a women in the rock industry, because I’ve seen a […]

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Doing The Things

So, it’s a rainy Saturday here in California and I’ve been doing some reading and thinking. I’m pretty much taking you all on this journey that I should’ve started months ago of getting my blog back up and going, of writing my first book, the hours and hours of editing, and research, and sending it […]

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May the Fourth Be With You

Hey Kids! It’s that time of year again. As you go about your day, remember to use the Force for good. There is so much shit going on that’s completely out of our control. What IS in our control however, is how we treat people. Always remember that teamwork makes the dreamwork and people truly […]

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