UNFUCKWITHABLE: A Guide to Inspired Badassery

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What People Are Saying

Finished Lindsay Manfredi 's book last night! This book has given me the affirmation that I needed. At times, I felt like I was reading chapter's out of my own book. 2020 has been a huge stepping stone for me. I feel so incredibly accomplished and proud of myself. As I read this book I found myself laughing out loud, crying tears of joy, and yelling "YES!" the whole way through. I highlighted a few of my favorites to share. I've also, before reading the book, have stepped away from social media to focus on myself and what is around me. I live in a beautiful area and feel like I'm on vacation every time I come home. I find myself looking at the sky more often. I have spent more time on what is right in front of me and it is paying off. I've also been so much more active and have stopped putting as much "junk" in my body. I recommend taking the time to get off the socials, read a book, read this book (Unfuckwithable)! Go for a walk. Breathe! We live on such an amazing planet. Also, surround yourself with good people. Life is too short to put up with toxicity. Thank you Lindsay! You are incredibly inspiring. #unfuckwithable #inspiredbadassery

Naomi Sherman

This was such an amazing book. I was surprised by what an easy read it was, it felt more like sitting and having a conversation with a trusted friend. Lindsay is honest and truthful, telling you the things that are right in front of your face, but sometimes we don't want to recognize. It is not your typical "self improvement" book, Lindsay makes suggestions that are not only pertinent but also easy to accomplish or at least start. Things that everybody can do and tools to help. She gives other relevant resources and books that I can't wait to read next. I love how inspiring she is and makes it seem easy to live the inspiredbadassery life.


I could not put this book down! I finished it in one night!! This is not your average 'self-help' book. There is a powerful rawness and vulnerability that resonates from page to page and the personal stories that have been incorporated give the reader a sense that the author (though they are her stories) empathizes and she'll be your cheerleader, still. The chapter headings are packed with attitude as if to let the reader feel as if he/she is having a one-on-one with the author. The personable-ness and relatable-ness this book offers is off the charts wonderful. This book is a reminder that even when we make mistakes, even when we repeat those mistakes, even if we do not have a religion to claim, even if we maybe burnt some bridges, we have to keep letting our light shine because we all have a purpose.

Angie L

This book is amazing! The book I needed to read! The author beautifully tells her own story and inspires us all to be better version of us! Lots of great suggestions on how to achieve this! I highly recommend purchasing this book! You with thank yourself and the universe!!

Jennifer W

I could write a review of Lindsay Manfredi's "Unfuckwithable" but instead I encourage you peruse the table of contents. If none of that advice is something you needed, then don't buy this book and maybe question your sense of self.

But if even one of those hit you, then yeah, you'll get something out of a read. My favorites are #25 and #32.

And I stand by my review: it's brutal. And it's worth it.

Robby S

Well, I just finished reading this amazing book “UNFUCKWITHABLE.” If you need some genuine and real inspiration, or simply a swift kick in the ass to get back on track, this is the book for you. I had already been following The Law of Attraction for years, but life gets in the way and you tend to forget. Lindsay helped get my head on straight and focus on what’s important in life. It motivated me to start my writing again after setting it aside thinking it was shit. Well, I’ll never know unless I go for it. I also recently had a massive change in my life as the current pandemic caused me to lose my apartment, my car, etc. I’ve been bouncing around living out of a suitcase, but leaving the toxic shit behind and getting out of my comfort zone got me excited about the future, although scary at the same time. Obviously, this is where I’m supposed to be and doing what I was meant to do. I won’t lie, shit’s not easy by any means, but the great things in life never are. This book is true, to the point, and a no bullshit piece of work. I plan to read it again and continue writing while on my own journey. Life works in mysterious ways, but look at things in a different light. Things happen for a reason and you need to have an open mind and go with it. Lindsay, thank you so much for the positive motivation and helping me to get to my “Source.” We need more badass people like yourself.

#unfuckwithable #inspiredbassery

Jason Lee