Anxiety is a B*itch

I'm not an anxious person, but let me tell you, my anxiety the last week and a half have been through the roof. I've felt paralyzed and there seems to be a layer of sadness lingering that literally makes no sense. But I am pushing through.

I spent some time yesterday diving into this, looking at where it was coming from and I gotta tell you, it was coming from me. My head. My worries. My fears of the unknown. All silly, silly things as I KNOW not to do this.

Maybe the Universe was reminding me to JUST BREATHE. It's really all going to be okay. It goes back to the pressure/diamond thing. There has never been anything I've not been able to handle in my entire life, and there has always been a path through.

I want to send you a little reminder today, that if you're feeling pressure, or anxious, this is the time to have the most faith. This is the time to go inward and focus on your breath and be in the moment. My mantra the past week when I've experienced this crippling anxiety has been, “I am safe. I am protected. Be in this moment. Everything is going to work out perfectly in the perfect way because the Universe is always conspiring in my favor.”

I TRULY believe everything in life comes back to love. You may be wondering, “What does love have to do with anxiety?” I'll do my best to explain.

The opposite of love is fear. All fear, hatred, anxiety exist in the absence of love. Anxiety is a direct symptom of fear. Period. So, when we have these little conversations with ourselves and remind ourselves that we are loving beings and focus on the things we are grateful for, and have, and are a part of, and celebrate the amazing beings we are, it can be one hell of an antidote for everything in our lives. Because fear is a liar. Anxiety is a liar. Our heads lie to us sometimes. We can truly be our own biggest enemy at times. Love brings us back to who we really are. 

If you're feeling like this, remember: One thing at a time. One day at a time. One day hour at a time. Everything is going to be okay.

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