Developing Consistent Habits


Coffee mug that asks what good shall I do today?

Habits. Fun stuff, huh? It's interesting because it seems the bad habits are easiest to fall into and harder to break, yet the habits that serve us, that make things BETTER for us are much harder to make. However, once we begin to create habits that serve us, we typically want to keep those things going because they FEEL good. They show us our tenacity and give us all these happy feelings. These happy feelings give us the motivation to continue to show up for ourselves. Here are some keys to developing consistent habits:

Establishing a Routine that Prioritizes Self-Care 

I feel like I harp on this a lot. It is so important to prioritize self-care. Get your sleep, get your water, read books that help you grow, eat food that makes you feel good, move your body, meditate, be grateful for all you DO have and what is on its way, laugh often, and love hard. How can we do this?

Setting Realistic and Achievable Personal Goals  

You can literally pave the way to the life you want one step at a time. Want to exercise more? Shoot for 3-4 days for 20 mins. Want to meditate? Start for 5 minutes a day. Want to eat better? Start by incorporating more veggies for one meal a day. Want to lay off alcohol? Start by picking a few days that you don't drink. Start by making one different decision. Start small. 

You can make the seemingly unreachable, very reachable. You don't have to go all out by saying you're going to do something everyday. You'll just set yourself up for failure. If you go for the range of something rather than a hard number, it gives you that space to forgive yourself and be okay if something comes up. I will say this, there's something to be said about being proud of yourself at the end of the day for doing or not doing what you said you wanted or didn't want to do.

Incorporating Mindfulness Practices to Enhance Self-Awareness 

This is also key to developing consistent habits. When you focus on how things feel in your body and in your soul, when you are so in tune with your Spirit and your mind, when there is an unwavering space of trust, this enables you to consciously know when something is working or not working. You have the ability to mindfully do what's right for you. Your peace of mind and attitude will dictate everything your life. This is why this is so important.

I promise you, you have so much capability, so much power, so much leverage. Use it all. Spread all the love and light. That begins by being the person you want to become, and living that reality today. We begin by developing consistent habits.

All my love, 

Lindsay M

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