Identifying and Overcoming Our Obstacles

As we're entering the third week of the year, this is a pretty important time. First off, it's the time where most people throw their goals out the window and say “f*ck it.” I know this all too well. I've been there.
Secondly, we're starting to see what we're made of. And while there is so much beauty in it, it can be terrifying, especially if we feel like we're not living up to our standards of these new things we've set out to do, and we're judging ourselves too harshly on the process. (More on that later…)
I had someone respond to one of my emails last week, and he shared how something he's struggled with in the past were the people he surrounded himself with. This is HUGE, and I couldn't agree more, so I felt like now would be a good time to look at some of the obstacles we face as we're looking to make changes in our lives and what we need to remember about these obstacles.
Your Circle 
I cannot stress the importance of the people you allow in your life. Whether you know it or not, your peer group, family, coworkers, media - they all influence you in some way. I've heard it 1000 times before, the story where you had the best intentions, but someone undoubtedly manages to sway you off the path. I've done it in the past when it came to drinking. I don't think there had ever been a time in my life where I had been strong enough to make it past seven days of dry January. There would always be someone in my circle who would say, “Oh, one isn't going to hurt, then you can get back to it.” Or “Maybe just do that through the week.” Or whatever else they would say…or how about the excuses I would make to myself that always seemed to make sense at the time. (Though the real issue was me.)
Or, let's say you have a fitness schedule you're trying to adhere to, and you let someone talk you out of doing it that day. Or, let's say you have boundaries you've been trying to set, and you let someone push those again, and you end up feeling like crap because of it. These things will inevitably happen. Change rarely happens as easily as we'd like. It's like the pressure that shapes the diamond, it's also pressure that molds our character.
Resistance from other people will never end, unless they're trying to reach the same goals as you. It's also important to keep in mind, there is something inherently intimidating about someone who is determined to make changes. And insecurities can run high by those who don't aspire to create the same kind of change, along with a deep seated fear that if someone else is growing, they may no longer want to keep us in their company.
Well, this is true. You may choose to move past that relationship. It's times like these that we see the true character of those in our lives. But always remember this, no one will ever work as hard for you and your goals as you will, so while it's important to stand firm in your evolution, it's also important to be patient with others. Perhaps your consistency in your actions will help inspire change in others. That is why you must champion for yourself. You must follow your heart and your soul. By doing this, and remembering your WHY, you're able to focus on you. Then, it's up to the people in your life to either step up, or step aside.
There is a very delicate balance, and we will all have varying degrees of obstacles. But I promise you this, you will not go wrong in staying your course. And if you fall off it for a day or a week, you always have the choice to get back on it. That's the beauty of a brand new day. Forgive yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself. Because you're worth it. If you happen to be someone who decides certain company does not serve you, then I promise, people who do will come into your life. Everything will fall into place exactly as it should if you're staying in alignment with who you are and what and your goals are.
And NEVER forget, you are exactly where you're supposed to be.
All my love, 
Lindsay M

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