Real Talk - Hello Insecurity

Insecurity is a universal experience, transcending boundaries of status or profession. It's an undeniable facet of being human, a genuine emotion that affects us all. And that's perfectly okay.

I've recently found myself trying to managing bouts of insecurity, lost in my own thoughts, imagining the worst-case scenarios across various aspects of my life, which is a stark contrast to my usual beliefs, demeanor, and the principles I live in.

Despite my deep-rooted understanding of my own worth and purpose, insecurity still manages to creep in from time to time. Fortunately, those who truly care about you understand this inner struggle.

During a recent dinner with one of my closest friends, she offered me a candid perspective on my energy, love, and overall demeanor. She's the type of friend who doesn't sugarcoat things, delivering her insights with love and honesty. So, I'd like to share something about myself I've been lying to myself about. 

Lately, I've been caught in a mindset where I believed that my success hinged on portraying an illusion of perfection. I convinced myself that I had to be flawless in so many aspects of my life to attract the love I desired, to impart the wisdom I sought to share, and to attain the life I envision.

But here's the reality: perfection is irrelevant. What truly matters is how authentically aligned you are with your truth and your essence. That's truly what it boils down to. And the people in your life who love you will respond and act accordingly. Or they won't. 

We're all works in progress, continuously evolving and learning along the way. Embracing our imperfections and staying true to ourselves is where genuine growth and fulfillment lie. It doesn't lie in anyone else's idea of how you should be. 

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