The Best Morning Routine

You don’t have to be a morning person in order to start your day right. Here is my morning routine that I swear by. It really does keep me inspired most days.

1. As soon as you wake up - VISUALIZE YOUR DAY - I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I don’t have to set an alarm anymore. I wake up around 7-7:30 am every morning. The first thing I do is envision my day. This is kind of like scripting. I imagine moving from one morning routine to the other with ease and gratitude. I imagine all the things that I’m grateful for. I imagine getting all the things done on my list. This sets me up.

2. MAKE YOUR BED - As soon as my feet hit the floor, my bed is made. This is an opener for me. This is my “I just accomplished one thing that makes me feel good” thing. I love walking into my room throughout the day and it looking neat.

3. SHOWER YOUR INSIDES - DRINK 16 OUNCES OF LEMON WATER - Did you know that if you squeeze half a lemon into your water, you’re getting a natural dose of vitamin C a powerful antioxidant? Plus they are a source of plant compounds called flavonoids, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. (I don’t recommend drinking lemon water all day, because the acidity can mess with the enamel on your teeth, so, wait about an hour before crushing your teeth after drinking.

4. GRATITUDE JOURNAL - Every morning after my water, I make a fabulous cup of coffee, take that sweet first sip, and snatch up my gratitude journal. (If you need one, I actually have Unfuckwithable ones you can grab from my website.) I use an entire page, filling it up with things I’m grateful for, along with money mantras and intentions for my day. Starting your day off with all the abundant things you’ve got going for you not only sets your day off right, it clears the space for even more amazing things. I’m typically done journaling before my coffee is done, so I take my leftover coffee time and read, or do the New York Times Wordle to get my brain going.

5. MEDITATE - I cannot even express how much my meditation practice has given me. It helps keep me focused, I seem to have more time, it helps keep me centered and in-spirit most of the time, and I seem to have ideas flow to me out of nowhere, and of course, this is co-creating with the Universe.

6. MOVE THAT BODY - I don’t care if you put on some music and shake that booty, go for a 20 minute walk, go to the gym, or work out at home (I have Beach Body on Demand and like to workout in my own space), whatever you do, just move. Exercising for five days a week reduces tons of stress, makes happy hormones, makes you feel amazing, and studies show it increases your life span. Our bodies are made to move. It’s a natural antidepressant. Don’t believe me, try it yourself for a month and get back with me. :-)

I know it may be hard for some of you to take time for yourself in the mornings, but this is so important for your psyche. It’s so important to show up for yourself. We’re going to be talking more about showing up for yourself over this month. The reason being is because if we want all these amazing things for our life and have really big dreams and goals, it’s really important to show up for what we currently DO have in our life. That is called LIVING.

I want to encourage you to start showing up for YOURSELF and not just pop open your phone by default and immediately start scrolling. Rather, take some time, start dreaming about who you are becoming and what you want your future to entail, and show up for yourself everyday. That is how things get done.

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