Trust the Timing

Ahhh, timing. I had to talk about this today because I’ve had a few conversations about timing with people in my life this week. It’s such bs that we have to wait for things, right?  But if you really think about it, timing is everything. And trusting the timing of things in our life and truly bringing it to the forefront of everything we do when we want something so bad and want it yesterday, is KEY in manifesting the reality of it. Does that make sense?

Okay, let’s say for example, you want love in your life. You want to be in a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, but you don’t really know what you want, you just want something, anything. But let’s say, you haven’t even begun to do any YOU work. If I’m being blunt, you’re not ready. And if an opportunity came today, would it be wasted because you aren’t the person you need to be?

And let’s get off love for a second…in my own life, I’ve just begun prepping for tour. I can’t wait to be back on the road performing and sharing all the electric energy of the Cold Army and our friends and family. But if I had to play the set tomorrow, I would not be ready. I have to prepare and rehearse to the point where it comes completely natural and I can do it with my eyes closed (or close to it). I have started, but I am not there yet.

The point is, while you’re waiting and being impatient, because honestly, we all are, this is the time where focusing on preparation is the most important thing. Because these things you so desperately want to have and last and grow, won’t, if you’ve not put in the work on your own, to plant and water your own seeds.

When you hear, trust the timing, and you fully understand that the Universe wants to give you everything you desire, you must then take on the responsibilities in order to be READY for those desires. So right now is the perfect time to work on being and doing those things we want. These are the best ways we can truly love on ourselves. Because I’ll say it again and again…the more love we have inside, the more love we can give to those around us. The more we focus on being our future self, the quicker we BECOME our future selves.

We are all EXACTLY where we need to be. Always trust the timing and keep working on you. Once you’re in alignment, that’s when the Universe will bring in the opportunity we’ve been preparing for.

If you’re struggling with impatience this week, I encourage you to take a deep breath and pivot to trusting the timing of everything in your life.

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